Indian Food Trucks & Restaurant in Boston, MA?! What!

Tandoor and Curry started back in 2017 as a single food truck in Boston, MA, "Tandoor and Curry on Wheels" by Jaswant Singh. But what about before 2017, and what about after?!

Let's Rewind the Clock and take you all down memory lane!!!

Jaswant Singh and his older brother came to the United States in the 1990's with no money and no experience, but they sure had the ambition to do something great! Day in and Day Out, they spent countless hours in the Indian Restaurant Industry. Learn new recipes, modernize old practices, and bring a "flavorful" new approach to Indian food!

After revolutionizing Indian cuisine with their flavorful new approach, you might wonder how the Singh brothers managed to handle everything on their own. Well, here's the secret: they didn't! The Singh brothers have enlisted the help of their own cool kids, who have enthusiastically joined the family business. With the younger generation on board, Tandoor and Curry are injecting even more excitement and innovation into the world of Indian food. So, get ready, because Indian cuisine is about to become a lot more fun!

Fast forward almost 30+ years, Tandoor and Curry have grown to Two Food Trucks that roam the streets of Cambridge, Acton, Waltham, Burlington, Lexington, and Boston. And a storefront in Woburn, MA, with a classy Indian Menu but with a modern - energetic twist!

Keep in mind that with all this going on, Tandoor and Curry has stayed true to its roots and continues to be family-owned and operated!

We proudly use only the finest and freshest Indian spices and ingredients. Tandoor and Curry's Menu has been inspired by the Singh brothers, and we can promise you that you will want to give us a shot and not miss out!

Good-Good Indian Food is calling your name! Let’s have some fun with Indian Food! At Tandoor Curry, we believe that food is not just about sustenance but about creating an experience. We strive to provide our customers with a dining experience that is memorable and fulfilling. From the moment you step into our restaurant, we want you to feel at home. Our friendly staff and cozy atmosphere are just the beginning of your journey with us.